How We Age: 60 years in 5 minutes

danielle-by-cerniello.jpg Filmmaker Anthony Cerniello created this really cool video of a face aging 60 years in five minutes. Cerniello used tons of photographs that were taken of similar looking family members at a family reunion last Thanksgiving at his friend Danielle's. Talking about his project, Cerniello says "I attempted to create a person in order to emulate the aging process. The idea was that something is happening but you can't see it but you can feel it, like aging itself." The final result is quite remarkable. If you pause the video at any minute, it looks like a plain portrait as the transitions are slow enough that one is only vaguely aware of anything happening. But be patient and watch the whole thing from beginning to end -  you won't be disappointed.

"Danielle" by Cerniello