Guide to PERFORMA 2013


Kevyn States, left, and Tori Ernst at the Russian and Turkish Baths, the setting for “Dutchman” Every two years in November, the city of New York buzzes with exciting performances and programs all under the roof of PERFORMA, founded by RoseLee Goldberg. We are warned that tickets are selling fast! For instance, Rashid Johnson's revival of Amiri Baraka's famous play "Dutchman" to be staged at the Russian and Turkish Baths is already sold out. Tonight is the opening night gala, and until Thanksgiving, Performa loving New Yorkers will be running around the city trying to see all the action (which we tried once and found it impossible!)  Check out what looks from this year's program from Art F City.

Performa 2013 Weekend One - Pieter Ampe and Guilherme Garrido Performa 2013 Weekend One