Royal Academy Becomes a Movie Set

the-royal-academy-becomes-the-setting-for-summer-in-february-starring-from-left-dan-stevens-emily-browning-and-dominic-cooper-as-alfred-munnings.jpg Check out the recently released movie "Summer in February," giving an interesting insight to the life of British painter Sir Alfred Munnings PRA. Set in Cornwall in the early 20th century and based on a novel by Jonathan Smith, the film tells the true but unofficial story of Munnings' first wife, the love triangle formed with Munnings's rival Gilbert Evans and her eventual suicide. Interestingly, there is no trace of a first wife in the biographical pages of the website of the Munnings Museum in Dedham, nor in his three volumes of autobiography. Partly shot at the Royal Academy in London, the academy's website rightly suggests that if you enjoy the TV series Downton Abbey you will love this lushly photographed film!

The Royal Academy becomes the setting for Summer in February, starring, from left, Dan Stevens, Emily Browning, and Dominic Cooper as Alfred Munnings